Saturday, 11 February 2017

Bridget Christie @ Leicester Square Theatre 03\02\17

‘I know you probably didn’t come here tonight to hear a rape joke but on the other hand you’ve all come out dressed like you wanted to. ‘
If that quip didn’t tickle you then I guess you’re never going to be interested in checking out this brilliant hour show from Bridget.  Tonight's audience may well be Guardian reading men hating remoaners to a man \ woman \ undecided that would disappoint her as she doesn’t just want to preach to converted. 

The show’s central conceit is she had written a show on how much she loves gardening but keeps getting dragged into using it as a metaphor for Brexit, Trump & feminism. Whether done at high speed, firing off thoughts and asides or using some brilliantly realised comic conversations with well drawn characters this is a deeply heartfelt, angry, exasperated but hopeful set.

Via being mistaken by The Daily Mail for Charles II, love of fuchsias and The Ladybird Book of Brexit used to teach children what happened in simple terms all the main players including the robot Michael Gove (He’s adopted isn’t he? Bit bloody convenient…) are all skewered by their own words and deeds.

If you are of the belief that name calling and the like helps no one and just builds division then certain gags in the set might not sit well but this is a comic routine not a lecture. Bridget also goes out of her way to make people from all sides of the argument feel welcome but then unleashes a brilliant joke about pedophiles in terms of those voting leave. The political classes and media come in for as much criticism as anyone and it’s all done by such an engaging and incisive person that it’s hard to resist loving her message.

Anyone who thinks she’s one of those unfunny moaning feminist types that the tabloids like to create are missing a very warm, funny, intelligent and cutting piece of art. She is awesome.

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