Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Magic Numbers Chritsmas Party - Green Note, Camden 21\12\16

Well I was kindly given guest list to this intimate shindig in glittering London with a glittery backdrop for an every changing line-up. Not to review it as some kind of incentive but because The Magic Numbers are v nice people. After a long day at work I wasn’t 100% I would be able to make it. That would have been a BIG mistake.

Romeo Stodart and Ren Harvieu set the mood perfectly with a delicate ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ before sister Michelle and Rae Husbandes previewed tunes from their recent collaborative writing adventures. The night then fell into a cover-tastic delight with tip of the hat to Len by Ren with ‘Chelsea Hotel’ , a suitably seasonable ‘River’ and the Christmas treat of ‘Cowgirl In The Sand featuring Bernard Butler pulling off a great Youngian solo.

Mr Butler’s sometime long-time musical collaborator David McAlmont was in the house (The Magic Numbers served as support and part of band on the 2016 M&B tour) and we got a belter of a set. ‘You Do’, the timeless space love song ‘Falling’, a shake ya booty ‘Bring It Back’ from their criminally ignored 2nd album and a superb “In Memoriam 2016” medley of ‘When Doves Cry’ & ‘Let’s Dance’.
There was even time for a song from that still unfinished 3rd album – c’mon chaps!! – a new one I’m calling ‘What A Year (Done & Gone) which sums up how most people feel about the past 12 months.

The Magic Numbers took us through the final victory lap which included a ferocious ‘Shot In The Dark’ with Romeo and Bernard indulging in some guitar duelling which was jamtastic stuff. David returned to sing lead on ‘Love’s a Game’ and we got some old faves like ‘Love Me Like You’. The Santa sack was passed round as the contents got aired – ‘I Don’t Care If It’s Christmas’ before he smooth sound of ‘Zoom’ from David & Bernard and, yes, ‘Yes’. A cast rendition of ‘Silent Night’ sealed a rather incredible, magic evening as we stumbled out into the cold December night.

This was like having the greatest band in the world playing in your front room, with a bar and a free Xmas 7″ vinyls wrapped up. I am one lucky S.O.B. sometimes.

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