Thursday, 14 February 2013

Why I'm starting a podcast

Around this time next month myself and a pair of chums will be taping the 1st of a monthly podcast entitled 'The Dead Wax Society'

It will cover those albums, projects and songs that never made it to the record shops (remember them?) and either limped out in bits and pieces or remain in a temperature controlled record company vault. Or, of course, they were liberated by fans and 'bootleggers' for the world to hear. We'll celebrate the illicit live tapes alongside the great stuff the artists choose to release.

In addition we'll cover new and archive releases rare nuggets and tracks you really should hear and hold dear. Plus we're hoping to have interviews with fans, bands and great unsung heroes. We already have one of my favourite singer songwriters on board so I'm already planning the 2nd podcast to include her contribution.

The aim is for the podcast to not exceed 40 mins (the ideal length of an album) and to NOT be dull. We can't promise to be cutting edge and down with ver kids but we will be enthusiastic and proudly nerdy. And I predict that it will spiral off into ways and subjects that I never considered as it morphs into nothing like I've set out above.

But I can hear the question - "Why? Aren't there enough bloody podcasts in the world?"

My answer - possibly but so what?

Technology has given people passionate about a subject the opportunity to be creative and share that enthusiasm with others. The podcast will enable me to do that. It won't necessarily have the same people contributing every week as I don't want to have to rely on the availability, kindness or enthusiasm of others. So if you have an album you think the world should know about or can talk about an unheard musical project then get in touch via the Dead Wax Society blog below. 

At its heart I want the podcast to be fun, a laugh and have the sort of friendly atmosphere I get from my favourite podcasts. I'm really looking forward to getting things rolling

Any advice, help or leads to possible interviewees would be great.This will be the home for the podcast so put it in your bookmarks

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  1. Break a leg. I'm always on the lookout for new podcasts. I have many many b**tlegs; some good, some not so. One of my faves is a Joe Jackson gig burnt off a French FM radio station - all his intersong banter is in French and he drops a tres bon version of For No One into le set.