Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Wuzza wuzza wuzza worth the wait? Part II

So THE DAME has returned among us. Ten years gone. So what we thinking here?

Further 'Outside'?. Very Heathenly? Bigger Buddah?

Its a classic Bowie subject of the later stages of his career- his own past. The video makes clear some of the themes of the song so that Bowie doesn't have to (NO live appearances, NO interviews NO public appearances apparently. He's wise enough not to bound out into the public all of a sudden. Keep people guessing like he always has.

He's looking back, literally,  at Berlin in the late 1970's - mentioning some old haunts and recounting a bit of the city's history.

Bose Brucke and Glienicker Brücke as mentioned in the song was famously the bridge where spies were swapped during the Cold War from East to West and vice versa. Think of the scenes in The Tinker Tailor novels\TV series and Michael Caine in 'Funeral In Berlin' (See, reading all those books on German history paid off!)

But its a song about the present in that when all is said and done all that matters is that you & me are together, sweetie. 

Nice vocal from Bowie, made even more wistful and melancholy by the video but rising to a understated climax. There is something a little reserved about his singing with little variation in tone or key. This may be a little dull over a complete album, I just hope he still has the chops to soar over mountains etc

So a nice surprise gift from Mr Bowie to us on his 66th birthday. I still say he will 'do a Leonard Cohen' in his seventies and tour with immaculate backing band, pretty girl singers to flirt with, decked out in suit, hat and cane.

Wuzza Wuzza Wuzz

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