Saturday, 5 May 2012

I was looking for a job and then I found a job....

and heaven knows, that was one weird day

So yesterday i was awoken by a Tardis landing. Not unusual as that happens when my phone rings. Through my dozy head I let it go to voicemail. Then my proper land-line rang so I reached out a claw and answered.

It was some bloke asking about a job vacancy I had applied for and eventually could I come in for an interview at 3pm. I  mumbled yes and then hung up. My body wanted more sleep but my brain was asking "which of the many jobs that you threw a CV at 11pm last night was that?". Found the details and after first thinking I'd applied for something the other side of London I started worrying and had a look at the company website.

Now interviews are a strange thing. I've not done many and I have a pretty high strike rate of late (two for three if you're wondering) but they rarely worry me in the way that regular life does. I think its because I see job interviews as playing  a part. I feel that you are acting the role of "the ideal candidate" so the person being judged is not you but the version of you that you're trying to present.

This one I was fairly shaken by, I suppose cos I wasn't mentally prepared for it. But I put on some appropriately soothing music (Gillian Welch) and drove to my doom. The interview was quite tough, I was asked some questions that weren't that easy to answer without some hands on info but I blustered through them and tried to put how I could do the job. I walked out thinking I had done okay but no idea if I had said the right things

I was due in London in the evening for a meet up with friends so I stopped at the motorway services to change. And of course to get some chocolate to steady my jangled nerves. Whilst I was trying to decide - went for a couple of Twirls in the end - and my mobile went. It was the bloke I had just spent an hour being interrogated by. "Blimey" I thought, "that was quick. They've decided against me already". But I was bloody shocked to hear him saying I had the job.

So yesterday within 7 hours I was informed of a job interview, had said interview and got a job that they guy had been interviewing for all week. I was the last one and got it. The evening out in London was bloody marvellous as usual but I was still a bit shell-shocked if I was honest.

Now if you've been following this blog then you'll know that less than 5 months ago i was pretty down as low as I've been for a long while. So to get from there to here is nothing short of a bloody miracle in my eyes. Now I'm only on a 2 week trial and it could all crumble but right now- its been a  helluva boost.
So I would like to thank all my friends in the online and meat world for supporting me so doggedly particularly of late. I would not be where I am today without you. Just a kind text\mail\message can make all the difference on the good and bad days. Its really been a transforming time and its not over yet.

Now if anyone has any advice on Internet ,marketing, let me have it!

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