Thursday, 8 March 2012

You know what hope is?

Hope is a bastard
Hope is a liar
A Cheat and a tease
Hope comes near you
Kick its backside
Got no place in days like these

Its one of those days when I feel useless, ugly, stupid, used, fat, pathetic, hopeless, lonely, friendless, scared, weak, wrong, aimless, wasted, battered, broken, sad, betrayed, tired, needy, jealous, loveless, nasty, strange, evil, selfish, cold, bruised, lost and generally don't want to be here

Ignore me, I'll feel better tomorrow


  1. To paraphrase Doc Morrissey: I feel like that too, wonder what it is?

  2. It is possible to feel all those things and still have worth. It would be nice not to experience all those feelings all at once, of course... But if you do, doesn't that mean you have the capacity for feeling all the great things too? I think life is a bit like a pendulum - the bad stuff WILL be balanced by the good, and eventually (and with some work!) you WILL find an equilibrium. It's what I'm striving for, anyway... Keep at it!! Rxx

  3. And you'll feel even better the day after tomorrow. One day at a time.