Sunday, 5 February 2012

Train Kept A-Rollin' All Night Long (despite the snow)

Well i walked out after seeing 'Chronicle' at the flicks yesterday - an excellent twist of the super hero origins tale, "found footage" approach a bit annoying but OK and maybe seeing people take on the world filled me with a little zeal.

So for the first time in over 12 years I got a ticket and got on a train bound for London. I almost didn't step on, had that feeling of jumping off a cliff and then thinking "fuck it" and going for it. Found a seat and acted like I was going to have a snooze. Artist of choice - Gillian Welch. Calm, calm, calm.

Armed with just a magazine, an ipod and a bottle of water I passed Slough (could have got off), (Hayes & Harlington (ditto), Ealing Broadway (ditto) and before I knew it was in Paddington. A quick check to see when my mates would be in Camden and then onto the Underground. Its been a while since I did that but it was OK.

Got to Camden, the blizzard fell and got to the pub, quick drink and then back onto the Tube. My bottle (no not the water) went and it took me about 20 mins to travel 2 stops. Took some time to relax and carried on. Got to Paddington, jumped on a train, still a bit nervous but there were plenty of people about and no drunk idiots so felt safer as the journey progressed. Got back to home and slowly drove through the snow. It was nice to be home.

I'm so glad I did that, maybe not the best night to do it but I did it. Face the fear and all that. Thanks to those who tweeted me and texted me good vibes. Always got my back.

"Look at me...look at me...."

Heard about one good friend's nightmare trip through the snow last night so hope you all are safe and warm today.


  1. Small steps, giant leaps, or summat like wot they said on the moon, anyway.
    If you can cope with a journey in a blizzard, you really are doing well, DFB.

  2. Absolutely agree with Drakeygirl - if you can cope on a night like that, you can cope any time! Well done you. x

  3. Awesome work DFB. Good to see the progress and looking forward to catching up with you soon.

    Give me a shout any time you fancy a local(ish) night out.