Sunday, 8 January 2012

With a little help from my friends

So went out Friday night to meet up with a bunch of like minded nerds, freaks and downright lovely people in that there London place.

Journey there was tough at times. I counted 7 times I had to deviate from my route to take a deep breath and calm down. Yet I still made it there in plenty of time so no harm done

Once I was parked, sorted, in the pub and amongst friendly faces I was fine. I think thanks partly in response to what I've been writing here people were keen to put me at my ease. I didn't feel I couldn't talk about what I'm going through as they knew most of the gory details. The evening flew by as it always does and although I was already feeling a bit tired from the journey up I hope I didn't let it show too much. I still have to work on not being so self conscious and shy but maybe that's just me.

Journey back 4 stops\detours needed but the thing is, I coped with it all. I was absolutely shattered when I got home with the mental effort it had taken but I'm oh so glad I braved it all

My next challenge may be a similar trip up to Liverpool. Whether that be by train or car remains to be seen but in both cases, these good kind people I know have offered to travel with me to make it easier. I find that very touching and makes me glad that I'm doing this blog if it means I appreciate more the kindness of my fellow human and huwoman. Bless your cotton socks. Having you lot by my side is making a hell of a difference.


  1. Hope you can make it up to Liverpool. I've had a few issues with the same kind of thing so have a small insight. It's great you're doing the blog - do continue with it and keep moving forward.

  2. Well done, Mr Dog. If good vibes can help, there are plenty aimed squarely at you.